Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Will I guest blog? Heck yes!

I feel like I'm moving up in the world! As word has gotten out about Monday Morning Knits (many thanks to all of you!), there have been so many comments, compliments, requests and questions regarding my recently-embarked-upon journey as a knitwear designer. So much so that I've actually been asked to guest blog on modmomsclub.com! WOW! My goodness! Holy guacamole! Que excelente! No way, Jose! What other cheesy exclamations can I make? Don't touch 'cuz I'm hot! (ok, so I just made that one up and it was really bad, I admit).

I'm gearing up for my first guest blogging series on "Wanna Knit...here's how!" So many people have been asking me how to knit and I'm wondering, "How will I have time to do it all?". Plus, there are times when schedules don't mesh, kids don't cooperate (that's a surprise), or maybe we don't even know each other yet but you still want to learn and I still want to teach. So, I'll be posting written commentary, video tutorials, as well as still pictures to assist you on your journey.

Whether you already know how to knit or are just beginning to learn the craft, check out the blog to learn new techniques, re-learn a skill, download videos to keep on file, or just explore what knitting is!

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