Friday, September 4, 2009

Knitting and they mix?

Have you ever tried to knit while camping? I attempted this feat over the weekend hoping that I'd come back from the mountains with loads done. Hmmm...not so fast, Melissa. First things first, camping is very dirty. It's been a year and I'd forgotten just how much dirt Mother Nature has at her disposal. My knitting over the course of the weekend went something like this: sit down, take out my project, get through half a row when all of a sudden I hear, "Mom, Taylor is eating dirt!" or "Mom, I got an owie!" or, at times, "Honey, when are we eating?" So, down onto my chair the needles would go and off I'd go to the rescue.

My only saving grace was nap time. It's still light enough to work and no little fingers caked with grime are trying to see what I'm doing. No one's calling my name, wanting food or needing Dr. Mom. For two hours in the afternoon, I was in heaven. Beautiful, tall pine trees creating the perfect amount of shade, cool weather, birds chirping, squirrels scurrying and my knitting...ooh, life is good!

Tell me, what unlikely places have you found yourself knitting? The most bizarre place receives their choice of either the Baby Loafer pattern or the Sweet Lil' Thing Toddler Dress pattern for free!

(Here I am competing in the annual Jiffy Pop-off!)


  1. Since I've only been knitting a few weeks, not too many places besides the couch! I've knitted at my son's soccer practice. I do believe, since this is now my new addiction, many strange places for knitting are in my future! Thanks, Melissa, for teaching me!

  2. I have no idea why my post says "jeffrey" (my Dear Hubby's name) instead of mine, but it's me, Nicole!!!!

  3. Sounds like a great trip!

    Made me think of the fact that I just saw an entire book at Barnes and Noble devoted to knitting while camping, it's called How to Knit in the Woods: 20 Projects for the Great Outoors by Shannon Okey. Patterns are simple, but that's perfect for camping. As you found, who wants intricate lace patterns on a camping trip?

  4. I think the strangest place I've knitted is at the ER both as a patient and waiting for someone else. While waiting to find out why my neck was killing me and I was drifting in and out of focus I worked on the scarf I gave my cousin's wife for Christmas. While waiting for a friend to find out what the fall ice skating had done to his wrist I worked on quilt squares.