Friday, September 18, 2009

Free Baby Pattern! Boutique Baby Knit Headband

When my daughter was born, I had an arsenal of bows at the ready. Polka dots, flowers, velcro, alligator clip, barrett, big and fluffy, smooth and sleek teeny tiny. I was ready! And then came Taylor Joy: adorable, sweet, joyful, and bald. Hmmm...what does a mom do with all these bows bought and received with love and anticipation? I wanted to use them with headbands but all the headbands I had already were adorned with a bow. Plus, my girl needs a bow so that strangers don't say, "Ooh! So cute! How old is he?" It gets really old, really fast. So...

I created my own interchangeable headband. The Boutique Baby Headband is the perfect option because it allows me to customize my little girl's hair accessories to perfectly match her outfit. This serves double duty. Not only do I get to knit for my baby, but I save money as well because now I don't have to buy more and more and more, I just use and enjoy what I already have!

At just one year, my baby still hasn't grownenough hair to hold a bow steadfast. Nota problem! She received tons of adorable outfits at her birthday party but no bows to match? Not a problem! Best of all...The pattern is free! There are so many mom's out there whose little girls need a headband to adorn their sweet, little, bald heads that I couldn't imagine not giving this pattern for free! Pass it around, link to it on your site, give it to friends, post it at your LYS.

To download, simply enter your name and e-mail address below and you'll automatically receive
a link to the pdf file! Enjoy!

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