Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Pattern! GG's Cozy Knit Baby Booties Are Ready for You!

I love these booties - my kids do, too! My son is always wanting to wear them and I have to remind him that they are not "outdoor" shoes! I love that they're snug and not falling off his tootsies all the time, plus, they're almost cuter than he is...almost! Anyway, for those who are new to, these booties came about in a way one wouldn’t expect. I was at a friend’s house and we got to talking about knitting (she doesn’t knit but loved the things I’ve knitted). She showed me a pair of booties her great grandmother (called Nanny) had made her and her cousins. "Unfortunately," she continued, "Nanny's no longer with us and no one knows how to make the booties. Do you think you could figure them out?” “Absolutely!” I replied. I made good on my promise and so here they are…ready to cozy up to some bare baby feet.

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