Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do you have the Sweet Lil' Thing Toddler Dress

The long and short of it is no, you don't...not yet at least.  "Why not?" you ask.  Well, I'm not done with the pattern just yet.  But, I will give you a sneak peak!  
I'm a big fan of knitting with cotton, especially when I'm knitting for little ones.  When my son was a baby, he was a big fan of spitting up.  I'm talking huge fan.  He would spit on everything.  Couch, chair, dog, presents, faces, you name it, he spit-up on it.  At Christmastime 2006 he was about 5 months old and we were returning some gifts that I had bought thinking I'd give them to my husband but then changed my mind.  So, off we go to the store, smiles upon our faces...'tis the season, you know!  As we walk through the store, I maneuver about looking for the shortest way from door to counter and that's when it happens.  "What...tell me" you say outloud.  Calm down and  read on...The return counter is 10 feet away but all around us are racks upon circular racks of brand new clothes - most of which sported tags crying out "DRY CLEAN ONLY" - waiting to either be bought or, in my case, spit-up upon.  What does one do in a situation like that?  I cannot give these clothes, reeking of sour milk and looking as if covered in cottage cheese, to the attendant and say, in a sappy sweet voice, "Oops...sorry."  So, I return the clothes I came with and walk out the door with clothes I didn't intend to leave with.  
Alas, now I make sure to always walk on the marked path and I always knit in cotton for my little ones.  The Sweet Lil' Thing Toddler Dress is knitted from Valley Yarns Springfield in a fresh Pale Olive and Pale Lilac palette.  It's a perfect fit for that sweet lil' thing in your life!  If you want to know when the pattern is complete and ready to buy, type in your name and address below and I'll e-mail you as soon as it's done!

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