Friday, October 23, 2009

Vacation's becoming an obsession

Ok. I've been gone a while. I know. You're probably sitting there thinking, "Geez, I thought this girl had no life! I mean, she's been blogging all the time, which means she's on the computer all the time, which means she has no where to go. Well...contrary to popular opinion, I do have a life outside of kids and knitting. This week, Mr. Monday and I took the kids on a week long trip to Coronado (an island off San Diego).

I'm sitting here on our last day pondering over the past 6 days worth of activity. We've done the zoo, the USS Midway, the ferry, the beach, dinners and lunches out, ice cream, playing by the bay, ordering in, movies, people watching from the balcony, walks to the park, and through it all is one consistent thread, or should I say strand...of yarn...from my knitting. I've completed my Reve tank top, taken new pictures, designed a new pattern (which will come soon!), and gotten half way through a project to be on display at my LYS with my Textured Simplicity Knit Scarf pattern.

All in all, it's been a great week. Sure, there have been the mishaps. My sweet relatives just got the carpet cleaned in their condo so we've been trying to be extra careful. But does that really work with two toddlers? Little Man knocked his super saucy pizza on the floor. Sweet Pea literally peed on the floor. I dropped my new camera in the ocean and so now take pictures with my mind through my fingers as they're forming the outline of a camera. Needless to say, I had a minor breakdown about half way through thinking that something really big was going to come and completely ruin a wonderful week.

Then, Mr. Monday Morning sat me down and gave me a good talking too. He got my mind wrapped back around the good things and off the bad things. He reminded me of all the fun things we've done and how stupid things happen all the time. I'm not cursed, just normal. "Forget about the camera. Forget about all the spills and stupid mistakes," he tells me. Then he goes and cooks me dinner while I knit. Afterward, he and the kids sing Happy Birthday, Mom while I blow out Tigger and Pooh candles.

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