Monday, November 16, 2009

Yarntasting Success!

Have you ever heard of a Yarntasting? If you haven't, check it out! Artfibers, an LYS in Pinole, CA offers a program called Yarntasting where they send you over 170 samples of their yarn with enough of each sample to knit multiple swatches. You invite a bunch of people over, knit with tons of gorgeous yarns and then buy what you want! Plus, when you buy, you don't buy skeins or hanks or balls, just the amount of yardage you need!

So, I just co-hosted a Yarntasting at my friend's house and it was great. We ended up with less people than expected (drat, it's flu season again!) but that meant more yarn for the rest of us! The sample kits were gorgeous with silks, synthetics, wools and cottons ranging from solid primary colors to incredible painted yarns in an array of dazzling colors that was like seeing a rainbow up close.

My friends (new and old), cozied up with a glass of wine or a cup of cider and had a great time working with the yarn, watching others swatches, comparing colorways and laughing all the while! Being able to handle yarn before you buy is an ingenious way of marketing product. Now, instead of relying on someone else's word, I know first hand how their different weights knit up. I know how their yarn feels on my needles and in my hands. This program is exactly the yarn-shopping solution I was searching for when I wrote Spend Your Money Where It Counts...On Yarn!

Bravo to Rox and Artfibers for creating this program for those of us who live too far to easily come to your store! Thank you to all the gals that came to the event...knitting with friends is infinitely more enjoyable than knitting alone. Thank you to my hubby who supports my addiction to yarn with a smile on his face!

Tell me your thoughts on Yarntastings. Have you been to one? Would you go to one? What would make or break an event for you?

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  1. I wish I could have been there! Sounds like so much fun!