Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall, Fireplaces, Falling Leaves and Knitting

I love the fall season. First, my birthday happens to be in the fall so of course I think it's the ultimate best time of year. More than my birthday...especially now that I'm in my last year of being in my 20's, I love fall for its colors, its vibrancy, the feel of anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. I love watching my children play in the leaves and carve pumpkins! I salivate, seriously, at the thought of delicious soups, roasts, pies and potatos! Have you noticed that everyone seems to be in a good mood in the fall? Where I live, we've finally moved on from 105 F days and nights where your air conditioning is on for 8 of 9 hours. People are beginning new school years, new soccer teams, there's a atmosphere of new beginnings that permeates the air.

In the mornings, I feel so snuggly in bed with my beloved beagle curled up next to me, his head on my husbands pillow, snoring softly. I just don't want to get up! I love that crispness that you can see and smell and feel when you step out to get the paper. I love that my hot coffee warms my body instead of making me sweat. But most of all, I love the fall because I can finally curl up in front of a real fire (sorry, not a fan of fake fire inserts), my dog snuggling against my legs, and knit away. Add a glass of wine and a foot-massage by dear hubby and I will swear that I've died and gone to heaven!

If you could envision your knitting heaven on earth, what would it be? Is it taking your yarn and sticks and enjoying the fresh, spring sunshine under a newly-blossoming tree? Is it sitting by the pool with a cool glass of iced tea while your kids laugh and splash? Is it curling up in rocking chair while snow falls gently to the ground outside and the Christmas ham is filling the home with its sweet honey-glazed aroma? Do tell!


  1. I think my Knitting Heaven would be curling up with my knitting in front of YOUR fireplace, with your hubby (my brother) in the kitchen making us coffee and chocolate cupcakes. That's heaven!

  2. I second Meredith's comment! I especially love the part where my hubby is serving us!