Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snug-as-a-Bug Knit Loafers

I finally finished my sister-in-laws birthday gift. Granted her birthday was in August, but life was busy and I knew these would be the perfect gift for her...even if they came really late. Now, it didn't take me 3 months to actually knit them. However, I did a bit of procrastinating on actually ordering the yarn. Once I got the yarn in though, it took me only a week or two to draft the pattern and knit up the loafers. When I presented them to her on Thanksgiving she was ecstatic and wore them all day...the best thank you a hand knitter could ever receive, don't you think!

You've probably noticed that they're an adult-sized version of the Goody Two Shoes Knit Baby Loafers. Response to that pattern was so great that I decided babies shouldn't get all the goods. I contemplated various names and landed on Snug-as-a-bug Knit Loafers because when you wear them, you feel comfy, cozy and ready to snuggle up. I'm so excited to get the pattern out to you because these are sure to be the perfect match for your bare tootsies so stay tuned!

Shown is a set created for a woman's size 7-8 foot. The charcoal black sole is double knit for extra durability and the bulky weight yarn lends itself to a sturdy wall yet still soft enough to flex easily with the foot and conform to each individual foot's curves. These comfortable, cozy, secure-fitting loafers are made with comfort in mind without forgoing the need for practicality.

Especially now that it's winter time, curling up in a blanket is the number one activity during the winter time and rainy, cold afternoons. However, have you ever tried to curl up with stiff soled slippers on? Doesn't quite work, does it? I always end up marching right back down to my bedroom for a pair of socks but then a sock is just a sock.

One of my favorite details about these slippers is the button. With all the fantastic choices to be had out there, the button is the place to add that splash of color, touch of sparkle or even a throw back to old memories of good times. If you're like me, you have already begun to think of the different color combinations you'd like a pair in. Personally, I think I'm going to knit myself some dark brown with cream loafers with a wooden carved button.

As I work on editing the pattern, I'd love to get your feedback on the finished product as seen above. What do you like? What would you change? Tell me what you think and what color combinations you want to see on your feet!

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  1. I can certainly say that these are the BEST knitted loafers I've ever been given. Or worn. Or even seen.

    Honestly, Miss, they are so comfortable that I'm wearing them every minute that I'm home. They're wearing very well, no pilling whatsoever and have totally retained their shape. I thought they'd maybe stretch a bit, but they haven't.

    I'm already contemplating a second pair...

    Thanks so much!